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Being Open

One of the central tenets
to everything Humanity For
All does is transparency.

It is a fundamental part of the organisation, and formed one part of the co-founder’s motivation:

To provide a charity that is completely transparent. No grey areas, no middle-men, nothing to hide.

At HFA, we believe in being completely open about how we operate, and believe it is essential to anything that we do.

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Tax Deductible

Tax Deductible

Every donation over $2
is tax deductible.



Every dollar you donate is
important to us.

Hand Delivered

Hand Delivered

Our teams hand deliver all your donations.

Transparency to us is about being
open about everything that we do.

What is Transparency

It means 100% of donations are delivered personally by our teams locally and around the world.

It means all of our donors are able to keep track of our projects and our methodology, and understand why we do what we do.

It means our donors and volunteers can rest easy knowing their donations are directly reaching the people they intended it to reach.

We firmly believe in accountability at HFA, both as a guiding concept, and as Muslims. We are ultimately accountable to Allah, and we operate everyday knowing that.

How zero percent
admin works

HFA prides itself on the unique ability to offer 0% admin fees. But how is this possible?

Most of HFA’s admin fees are covered by the income generated by the ten residential townhouses in the complex owned as a Waqf for the organisation.

100% of donations are hand
delivered by our teams.

How we spend our funding

HFA strives to ensure that any funding is directed towards the projects and programs the donor intends to fund.

100% of donations are delivered personally by our teams locally and on the ground all around the world.

In keeping with our focus on transparency, we firmly believe in also doing the work ourselves, to ensure that our reputation and work remains in our hands.

As part of our policy to remain transparent and honest to our donors, we would like to point out that certain fees may apply that are out of our control such as bank fees and transfer fees but these costs are covered by our generous sponsors and our organisation’s structure in almost all circumstances.

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