• Palestine Emergency Aid
    The escalating conflict in Gaza is worsening an already dire humanitarian situation in the city. With thousands of civilians killed, and many more injured, aid is urgently needed, now more than ever. Your generous donation will go towards medicine, food and water.

Ever since October 7, 2023, the unrelentling airstrikes in Gaza has last left most of the city destroyed. The destructive power of the relentless bombardments has reduced Gaza’s buildings and houses to rubble.

Innocent civilians, caught in the middle of this conflict, are getting killed and the death toll is rising everyday. The number of injured is over 25,000 and continues to rise, putting a greater strain to overwhelmed hospitals. Over 1.5 Million people have been displaced from their homes.

A blockade has been placed in Gaza city, causing shortages of food, water, medicine and power from reaching the civilians in the city. The humanitarian crisis is deepening for the innocent civilian population.

In these desperate times, Palestinian civilians are in dire need your support. Your generous donations are crucial for providing essential supplies. Your contribution will be used to procure much-needed food, water, and medicine, offering a lifeline to the civilians trapped in Gaza City. Your kindness and generosity can make a significant difference in their lives.

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