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Our Story

Humanity For All is charity
done different.

It is a charity built on the need for complete transparency. What began as a group of friends volunteering together has evolved into an independent global humanitarian initiative that is self-sustainable.

The founding members worked together to establish a system whereby the charity has a constant flow of income, allowing contributions and donations to go directly to the beneficiary.

There are no middle-men, not secret fees, and most importantly, majority of administration cost are covered by the organisation's own income.

This is possible on the back of a complex of 10 townhouses built as an ongoing charity for the organisation. Located in Western Sydney, the townhouses allows the charity to maintain a steady income, and pay the admin costs.

It means your money goes directly to the people who need it most. And our focus is on ensuring vulnerable people across the globe are extended the aid they need. From Northern Cyprus, Pakistan, Nigeria or the Ukraine, HFA strives to provide for all of humanity.


In 2023 alone, HFA worked hand in hand with beneficiaries across 4 continents and 33 countries; contributing our efforts to address 5 of the UN sustainable development goals.

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Tax Deductible

Tax Deductible

Every donation over $2
is tax deductible.



Every dollar you donate is
important to us.

Hand Delivered

Hand Delivered

Our teams hand deliver all
your donations.

Mission Statement

To provide sustainable, ethical aid to those suffering illness, disaster, endemic poverty.

We are dedicated to ensuring your money directly benefits those the world has forgotten.

We are committed to ensuring our aid is both long and short term, permanently lifting people out of poverty and suffering.

Who we are

Humanity For All is an Australian-based charity registered as a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) and a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR), built on the backs of a dedicated team.

All donations are personally delivered by our teams locally and globally, physically attending to their distribution, to ensure the work is done properly and transparently.

Directed by the executive, HFA strives to work in efficiently and in tandem, to ensure its high standards are met internally and externally.

HFA Board Members

Meet Our Team

What we stand for

At Humanity for All, we are firm believers that our work is shaped and driven by our values.

They are the framework we operate in and act are what we strive for in our work, and we believe it is essential donors and beneficiaries understand those values.

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The ability to move and react quickly to a crisis or need globally is a core tenant of HFA’s approach to charity. The tight and focused structure means the team is not encumbered with much red tape, instead able to pivot as quickly as possible. It allows HFA to be nimble in its decision making, quicker to be on the ground and quicker getting aid to the vulnerable.

At HFA, leadership has a range of definitions, all of which shapes the way the charity operates. To the team, it means striving to be the best at what they do, it means focusing on the smaller details and ensuring nothing is left to chance. It means to lead by example, to ensure that what we do is never in opposition to what we believe in. But it also means the organisation prioritises innovation and taking calculated risks, in the firm belief that it is new ideas that drive industry leaders. Finally, it means keeping an open mind at every level of the charity, to believe that anything is possible with the correct mindset and enough hard work.

There is no I in team, and HFA firmly believes that work is better done together than independently. That means our team’s working relationships are shaped by care and respect for each other, fostering a family at work. The team at HFA is utterly dedicated to the cause, and are believers in the need to support each other at every interval, to know there is a shared goal in helping the needy.

HFA prides itself in its meticulous work ethic, in the idea that there is always further to go and more to do. It's an important mindset, to strive to be the best you can be, and one that has shaped the way the organisation approaches charity. There are no corners cut, nor details missed, nor potential unmet at HFA, only the pride in working to the best of one's ability.

Deeply embedded in the work that HFA does is the belief that Allah is One and controls all things. Islam is the compass that guides the work at the organisation, and the team is steadfast in their approach, avoiding the grey and ensuring their work is as closely aligned to the deen as possible. Ultimately, HFA is driven by the core belief that we work as the servant of Allah above all else, and that everything is done in service of Allah.

Professional and personal growth are an essential part of HFA’s work ethic, the firm belief that we can never stop growing and improving. The organisation strives to ensure staff are able to develop and fulfill their career aspirations, and are supported as they grow and learn. The team ensures there is an ongoing focus on the individuals in the team and their mindset, that they approach work positively and enjoy it, that they work towards their dreams and that their achievements are acknowledged. We firmly believe in treating our team as a work family, and reward them on that basis, to ensure a positive and growing work environment.

Islamic Charity Explained

The team at Humanity for All fundamentally believe they are answerable to Allah above all else, and infuse their work and charitable endeavours with a commitment to Islamic values.

This entails ensuring that all projects and initiatives undertaken by HFA are in accordance with Islamic principles and focused on adhering to various religious guidelines.

The team at HFA takes pride in the thoroughness of their adherence to Islamic principles and their assurance that every action carried out by the organization strictly aligns with the fundamental teachings of Islam.

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